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Saab 9-6X

TROLLHATTAN, Sweden — It is reported that General Motors has ended its relationship with Subaru and sells its stake in the company's parent, Fuji Heavy.

Inside Line has now confirmed that GM has cancelled the Saab 9-6X, which relied on a collaboration with Subaru. The crossover vehicle, known internally as the 9-6X, was to have shared a common platform with the Subaru B-9 Tribeca and was to have been introduced in 2006. "

We are not ruling out a crossover for Saab," Saab spokesman Tom Beaman told Inside Line. "We will dip into GM's other resources." Beaman said the Saab 9-2X, the sole production vehicle jointly developed by GM and Fuji, will continue to be produced through 2006 because of contractual agreements.

Saab 9-6X in pictures

Saab 9-6X
Saab 9-6X

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